Investment LAB Report: High-Powered, the Energy Revolution

The LAB Report from the latest Uncorrelated, LLC initiative, The Investment LAB: High-Powered, the Energy Revolutionwas released today.

The Investment LAB on the Energy Revolution brought institutional investment officers together with asset managers and energy industry experts to Learn, Apply and Brainstorm the investment implications of America’s energy independence.

Energy is a high-powered topic.  It accounts for 8% of GDP and 10% of the S&P 500. It’s not just oil and coal, but fracking and wind. Solar and Hurricane Sandy. It’s a story about unexpected technology advances and intrepid entrepreneurs.

During the day-long LAB workshop, experts and practitioners across the energy value chain described trends, issues, threats, and opportunities. They then joined investors and asset managers to discuss near-term portfolio implications and generate long-term investment ideas. The LAB Report documents the proceedings and results, and includes the LAB Spotlight, a supplemental article that answers a key question:  How should institutions invest in the Energy Revolution now? 

In The LAB Report, you will find surprising insights into how the Energy Revolution is changing both the economy and investing.  It represents an inescapable economic juggernaut and an important investment opportunity. Investors need to prepare.

Uncorrelated launched The Investment LAB and produced the LAB Report – uniquely generated by and for investors and managers – to inform and inspire investors’ long-term thinking.   We believe this LAB Report provides insights and ideas to help all investors exploit the technical and entrepreneurial opportunities in the drive toward U.S. energy independence.

Read the Investment LAB Report: High-Powered, the Energy Revolution.

We look forward to your comments and continuing the conversation in the comment section and in future Uncorrelated, LLC LABs.


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